about no name

What's with the name "No Name"?

We don't want to give attention to any other name but the name of the one who saved us - not those working behind the scenes, not the pastors involved, no one but Jesus.

Why did you start this?

To [try to] clearly answer basic to complex questions about God and share the stories of those who know Him with people who believe in him and don't believe alike. Coming to faith can be very difficult, Keeping your faith can be even harder.
We are hoping to make the journey a little bit easier.

There's no coincidence that you're here. This is for you.

If you're wrestling with questions about God, or nagged by uncertainty in your beliefs, we built this place for you. As we roll out questions and share testimonies of real lives changed by Christ, we hope that you will be fed with at least a small piece of what you'll need to grow in your spiritual walk through [or towards] the narrow path.

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